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Our enterprise software INFRALIFE supports railways with best practices.

Why Asset Management Software?

INFRALIFE® is a Standard Asset Management Software specifically developed for railway infrastructure operators. It ensures an optimized management of cost-intensive infrastructure. INFRALIFE® integrates infrastructure-expertise & latest information technology. The software is based on a strictly modular concept and is developed and optimized in close collaboration with railway infrastructure companies.

If you encounter any of these issues you might consider investing into asset management software…

Tasks from vertical technical departments are transferred to your newly established asset management organization. Cross-over information on all assets is needed.

Changing jobs between railway companies, industries and service providers has become the norm. Employees are leaving more than ever before. The age curve also challenges your organization.

Information on assets must be send to authorities both digitally and in real time. Authorities make use of audits to check if regulations are complied with. False data costs time and money.

Keeping track of costs is sometimes overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Those who make decisions are increasing the pressure to identify cost drivers.

Aged individual software solutions from the past have reached the end of their life cycle and must be replaced. The number of applications has to be reduced to make the complexity manageable.

Digitization platforms shall be introduced. The data produced shall be valuable for your undertaking.

Master Data Management

Railway Network

Railway networks are more complex systems than it might seem at first sight. They are designed, built, operated and maintained by various stakeholders. It is crucial that basic business entities are unmistakably defined. INFRALIFE® comes with a stable and powerful representation of the network – both on route and track level. The network model is compliant with UIC definitions.

Railway Asset Register

The State-of-the-art asset register provides digital twins for all infrastructure objects. It spans across all technical fields – from civil structures to railway sub systems. These asset passports are crucial for successful asset management. In INFRALIFE® all infrastructure assets are fully historized and properly described by their technical attributes. Both linear and geographic referencing is supported.

Linear Asset Management

INFRALIFE® provides the essential features needed for linear assets. Linear components – such as rails and ties – require advanced methods like dynamic segmentation. In addition to that, the software handles topics like nominal track geometry and track topology. Such capabilities are essential for managing railroad assets effectively.

Life Cycle Management


INFRALIFE® supports both time and condition-based maintenance strategies. For effective work planning and execution, the software follows a lean approach: disposition can be automatized. All work tickets are recorded in service backlogs. Service teams have direct access to these backlogs and record the state of work execution. The software also provides defect and failure management across all assets.


The daily routine is constantly interrupted by unplanned incidents and failures. INFRALIFE® provides a module for managing such operational incidents. Dispatchers log the information they receive and pass failure tickets to maintenance. Capacity limitations such as construction sites and slow speed sections are also registered centralized. The software allows implementation of approval and endorsement work flows.

Condition Monitoring

Safety has to be ensured by regularly measuring track, switches and other components. At the same time, intelligent sensor technology is progressing rapidly. INFRALIFE® is designed to integrate and present such data. Through this, asset anomalies and emerging disruptions can be detected in advance. Alarms can be processed to maintenance management.

Mobile Field Service

The INFRALIFE® mobile app supports asset technicians and service staff in their daily field work. Users are enabled to access work tickets, asset data, maintenance history and documents while on the go. The app also allows recording of defects and failures, work execution status and time consumption. The mobile app is available for both IOS and Android.

Reporting and Visualization

Management Reporting

INFRALIFE® comes with key performance indicators on maintenance and operations. Network Condition Reporting covers benchmarking across asset types and network lines, investment forecast, investment backlog and analysis of asset ageing. The software also provides comprehensive facts and figures on asset inventory and maintenance performance.

Railway Route Map

INFRALIFE® provides a graphical linear route map, thus supporting technicians in collecting information in a way they are used to. In past times this was done manually on endless stripes of paper that were folded multiple times. 3Binfra has made this information available in a contemporary software format. This powerful tool comes with a large number of best practice information channels.

Railway GIS

INFRALIFE® also provides a ready-to-use GIS module that has been designed for railway infrastructure needs. This optional application integrates with other modules and is ready for use. Users get an overview of problems, deficiencies, construction sites, route closures, faults or even trains. Standard GIS capabilities – such as measure, edit, search and print – are included.

Why Infralife®?

INFRALIFE might be the right choice if