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Our railway expertise ensures successful implementation of INFRALIFE.

Our Expertise - Dedicated to Railway Infrastructure

“3B infra solutions” provides consulting and hands-on-support in the following fields:

  • Master Data Management
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance
  • Condition Monitoring
  • System Integration
  • Reporting

In these areas we are constantly looking for people who would like to contribute to something big!

Our Services - Fit customer needs

Business Analysis

Our projects always have a great impact on customer processes. Introducing software in railway organizations is exactly our skill. In close collaboration with key users we work out a roadmap which suits best to customer expectations. Based on solid product features and product documentation INFRALIFE® can be implemented “step by step” to achieve the best solution and catch all stakeholders from the very beginning of the project.


Every railway organization has its specifics, which is usually caused by the network they operate. Even though INFRALIFE® comes with best practice content, we take the time to adjust our software to customer characteristics. Together we define additional asset types and implement all the technical information that fits the need of the people. When it comes to life cycle management, the customer’s process organization is modelled comprehensively within the software.


3B infra provides turnkey systems: we consider the initial data migration as a crucial part of the implementation process. In the past railways have collected lots of data in different ways: now is the time to put the puzzle together. As dedicated railway experts we understand your data and work together on a detailed data migration plan. The combination of our best-practices and our software concepts helps you to achieve better data quality.

System Integration

We consider INFRALIFE® to be an integrational part of the customer’s overall IT solution. Asset management is never supported by one software only. Therefore, we connect INFRALIFE® to existing software like ERP, GIS, DMS or diagnosis and alerting software. We strongly believe in a “Best-of-Breed” strategy. For integration tasks we provide proven standard concepts – this saves customers budget.


Teaching of partners and customers is part of our strategy. At 3Binfra solutions, we offer a set of standard trainings which we adapt to individual needs. These trainings cover the whole range of our product: system administration, integration, user trainings for asset management and maintenance. We provide courses remote, on customer site as well as on our own premises in Vienna.


3B infra uses tested and generally applied libraries in the INFRALIFE® system. Strictly following a modular principle, transparent software systems evolve which are easy to test and maintain and may be expanded in a flexible way.

Our Approach - Hands-On & Best Practice

When implementing INFRALIFE® for national railways we act together with global IT partners. Smaller and nearby projects we deliver on our own.

In any case we contribute our lessons learned from past customer projects. Our solution team has gained an inside view in multiple railway organizations.

We always adjust the methodology of project execution to the customer’s organization. Usually we follow an agile approach. Projects are cut into manageable pieces: each milestone is defined to create real business value to the customer. Benefits are available at an early point of time: the first “Go Live” is right after project start – and not at the end of a long project.